In 2022 | Ghost of Tsushima might be released on Steam

This is without a doubt one of the most eagerly anticipated and highly praised games of 2020, and it’s about to get bigger.

We understand that many people were disappointed to learn that Ghost of Tsushima will be a PlayStation exclusive, but that is about to change.

According to reports, Ghost of Tsushima might be released on Steam in 2022, allowing PC gamers all around the world to experience it.

Is Ghost of Tsushima going to be released on Steam in 2022?

There is no official confirmation as of yet, but as we all know, spoilers may emerge from the most unexpected places.

Repulsive Lettuce was looking for game keys on one of his favorite sites when he came across something that raised more than just an eyebrow.

We also went to the Instant-Gaming website and looked for this fantastic PlayStation game, only to discover that this is not a hoax.

There were two results when searching for Ghost of Tsushima. The first was for the console version, and the second was for Steam, as reported on Reddit.

The site also discloses when the beloved game will be added to the Steam library. Ghost of Tsushima was planned to be released on the PC platform on February 8, 2022, according to the original Instant-Gaming report.

ghost of tsushima steam

Since we last reported on it, things have altered a bit, and the February release date is no longer listed on the website. It now simply states that it will be available in 2022, without specifying a specific month.

You can’t pre-order the game key right now; instead, sign up for the site’s email to be notified when this option becomes available.

This is huge news for PC gamers, who have lately seen a slew of PlayStation exclusives brought to Steam, including Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and the impending God of War.

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As previously said, this is unofficial information, and the appearance of an unreleased game on a third-party key merchant is unusual.

So, before we get too enthusiastic and start making plans for next February, let’s see if the creators or even Steam can confirm this. We’ll keep an eye on this story and update you if anything changes. Will you purchase Ghost of Tsushima when it is released on Steam?

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