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Absorbable Polymer Techs FAQ

What is absorv bioabsorbable plastic?

Zeus’ Absorv ™ bioabsorbable polymers are focused on the development of a wide variety of medical products for both preventive care and disease treatment. These materials are capable of safely existing in and being absorbed by the body for a controllable and finite period of time.

What is biobioabsorbable polymer testing?

Bioabsorbable polymer testing can help predict how well an implant made from a specific polymer will perform its intended role in a surgical application – so that after treatment is done, nothing remains but a healthier, happier patient.

What is lactel absorbable polyester?

Recognized as the first commercial line of biodegradable polyesters in the U.S., LACTEL ® Absorbable Polymers by Evonik have been defining quality polymer production for decades. Biodegradable filament for 3D printing of medical devices. We can help you select the polymer for your program.

What is super absorbent polymer sap?

SAP (super absorbent polymer) is a function polymer material. It can absorb water up to several hundred times of its own weight. As an important absorbent material, SAP is applied to every aspect of our lives. SAP is mainly divided into two classes: potassium polyacrylate and sodium polyacrylate. And here are the important points on main usages.

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