The DSP system is responsible for carrying out read / program operations in an optimal manner. As Flash statistics change over time and space, read / program operations must adapt, taking into account the Flash’s current state.

DensBits’ DSP advantages include:

DensBits’ propriety DSP system tracks the Flash’s state (using statistics made available by the company’s proprietary ECC system) without using up any Flash space or degrading read performance. The tracking system in turn provides feedback to the read / program sub-systems, allowing them to set their parameters to best fit the current Flash’s state.

The DSP system adaptively sets read parameters, minimizing the input Bit Error Rate (BER) the ECC needs to handle.

The DSP system adaptively sets program parameters, minimizing the programming time, tPROG. 

Optimal R/W
No use of Flash space
No performace loss
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