DensBits’ proprietary coding system advantages include:

An entirely configurable coding system that produces a virtually unlimited number of different codes by simply setting the block size (0.5KB - 8KB) and coding rate (0.5 - 0.99) through firmware.

Slim Size & Low Power
Extremely efficient in die-size and power.

Near-Optimal Error Correction
For each code realization, namely for a pair of block size and coding rate, near-optimal error correction is achieved for both hard and soft inputs with no error floor.

Low Decoding Latency
Built-in support for partial codeword decoding, facilitating low decoding latency and, in turn, high read performance.

One System, Multiple Flash Technologies
DensBits’ ECC solution can be used for all current and future process nodes and bits per cell, simply by setting the appropriate block size and coding rate through firmware.





Slim size
Low power
Low latency
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